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Our team has executed numerous projects to boost performance for passenger transportation companies in all markets

At Rodschinson we work together with our clients to resolve their utmost urgent strategic and operational challenges, then we devise and implement solutions for long-lasting effects. The vast expertise, experience and industry knowledge of the transportation market place our team in a unique position to lead your investment to success, particularly since a range of general and specific criteria need to be factored into the decision-making process when setting up or acquiring businesses or units in the transport sector.


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As transport companies and units have hit record levels of new investments in recent years, it is considered one of the fastest-growing sectors with fresh equity being pumped into truck companies, freight terminals, cargo ships, and passenger planes constantly. Transport hubs and related businesses have many functions and are the true key player in a rapidly changing supply and delivery chain.

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Our transportation work portfolio comprises engagements with leisure passenger transportation, mass transportation, roadways and railways, in addition to cruise and bus operators. Moreover, we have vast experience in the cargo space and the rapidly growing delivery sector. The vast expertise, experience and industry knowledge of the transportation market place our team in a unique position to lead your investment to success.

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From detailed preparations and plans to well-executed strategies and deal completions, our advisory includes corporate and business unit growth approaches, strategic management, performance enhancement and supply chain management, fleet and network optimization, information technology, marketing strategy and portfolio strategy. Our methods have proven to improve flexibility, lessen complexity and upgrade the decision-making process for our clients.

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If you are thinking of rolling out a transport project or taking part in a transport industry fund investment, please do get in touch.

Our team will be delighted to tell you more about the different stages in this investment cycle, and how to plan and coordinate any such project accordingly. Based on dozens of practical examples and client cases, we can demonstrate our vast market experience and expertise.

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