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Beyond a simple transaction of any transport industry asset acquisition, a successful project requires meticulous preparation, a synoptic overview of the supply chain environment, and new strategic policies applied in this regard. To achieve maximum effectiveness, ROD Transport along with ROD M&A has developed rigorous expertise throughout the successful execution of multi-cross functional M&A transactions across Europe, and internationally. The large experience covers several functions in each step of the supply chain,  as well as in-depth logistics processes understanding, enabling us to spot the most efficient junctures of the M&A transaction, draining streamlined closures.

Extensive preparation

At ROD Transport, we conduct diligent diagnostics for every M&A transaction to identify different areas of growth and potential optimizations. This allows us to anticipate and address ahead of time the challenges and opportunities raised by the project, and be able to ensure that both clients and stakeholders have a clear understanding of the best course of action for different scenarios, and featured key components of efficient processes

Term sheet subtlety

As it represents a pivotal moment of mutual understanding between different parties, the agreement of terms happens in the middle of the transaction and serves also as a basis for due diligence and definitive stakeholder agreement. ROD Transport ensures our clients and partners successfully closing M&A transactions for the transport sector, and liaise with all business stakeholders to provide a clear representation of the client’s intent, to imbue confidence regarding the sensitivity associated with the Term sheet stage, and provide reliable data information, and financial clarity.

Toward definitive agreement

The need to dive into appropriate provisions, and keep track of adequate clauses, is imperative if the M&A transaction is to success. Rushing to a definitive agreement might have an immutable impact and lasting liabilities on the project outcomes. Clauses like representation and warranties, baskets, post-transaction liabilities, and resources, must be scrutinized for proper closing of the transaction.

Agile Management

Mergers and acquisition operations are laborious activities and could await over into years. Aware of the various bottlenecks strewed in the management process timeline of M&A, ROD Transport has adopted for many operations the suitable approach, with well-defined milestones, and efficient agile tactics to help its clients execute transactions in a timely manner.

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