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Our strategy, at ROD Transport, is opportunistic and focuses on providing flexible full capital solutions to fund the transport sector projects and related investing companies. Rodchinson’s transport division works closely with the ROD PE experts within Rodschinson to focus on assisting Private Equity clients in the transport business. We assist and advise clients in the transport business with raising capital from outside investors – including Logistics companies, retail chains, insurance firms, and high-net-worth individuals. This capital can be used to acquire and develop transport projects – like Distribution companies, warehouses logistics, and cross docks transportation, operate and improve them; and then sell them to generate a profitable return on investment. The ROD Transport division brings together strategies for Private Equity clients within the transport sector across, both, logistics real estate (transportation, industrial retail, and corporate) and other real estate assets. We provide our Private Equity clients with the best investment opportunities through our network of transport logistics.

Acquisitions & Asset Management

ROD Transport division possess expertise in, both, Acquisitions and Asset Management for Private Equity clients. The Acquisitions team pursues deals related to transport logistics, negotiates them for the clients, sets up the financing for the transactions, and provides well diagnostics through an advisory to invest in the transport business. The ROD Transport’s team executes the business plan on behalf of the clients before the transport asset is acquired. Together, the ROD Transport team improves the platforms and warehouse operations and financial performance for the Private Equity clients.

ROD Transport division’s expertise is divided by strategy, sector, geography, capital structure, and deal role:

  • Strategy – When it comes to transport assets, the team works on both stabilized and mature assets. It focuses on value-add strategies for major renovations and redevelopments favorable for supply chain properties. We advise on buying morbid properties and turning them around as transport and logistics assets.
  • Sector – ROD Transport division works across the transportation sector – Air, water, land, and corporate and industrial logistics towards Private Equity opportunities
  • Geography – The Transport industry is location-centric and a lot of rules and regulations that apply are related to specific geographies and strategic location. Hence, the ROD Transport team has a Private Equity specialist for each of the major geographies, operating through its regional offices in London, Brussels, Abu Dhabi, Singapore, Hong Kong, and New York
  • Capital Structure – ROD Transport division considers “private equity” as “equity investments,” and helps Private Equity clients in structuring logistics-related investments in senior loans, bridge loans, mezzanine, and more
  • Deal Role – ROD Transport operates, both, as a General Partner and Limited Partner in deals. We help Private Equity clients in contributing to the equity by running the deal execution and management.


An institutional approach

ROD Transport division offers an institutional approach for Private Equity clients with investment opportunities and advice towards supply chain investment for venues like warehouses, distribution centers, advanced supplier warehouses, international exposition centers. We have more than 15 years of experience in the confluence of logistics related to real estate and private equity investment. We adopt a bespoke approach to serve each of our Private Equity clients through our multilingual and cross-expertise team. We work closely with our Private Equity clients in the choice of targets and support them throughout the entire holding period of their investment.

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